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pic06Leveraging the new global connectedness of the 21st century, companies have found tremendous value in looking overseas to source qualified workers. At IndiGlobal, we get small businesses, and we are bringing big business outsourcing capabilities and value to your projects. We partner with your company to deliver results on the projects you’ve always wanted to pursue but never had the resources to accomplish. Our goal is for IndiGlobal to become an integrated part of your team, taking on and successfully managing project after project. Although companies can be attracted to the opportunity to source qualified workers at great value, fears like unfamiliarity with the process, concerns about quality, and communication barriers lead many to abandon the idea. Our goal with every outsourcing project is that through consistent and clear communication, 100% dedication to quality, and competitive value you will not only continue to utilize our team, but will recommend us to others.

We are proud of our staff of highly trained technology professionals who have proved themselves on past international projects. Every project also has a designated on-site American facilitator to ensure accurate flow of communication.

What is an initiative your company has always wanted to explore but never had the manpower for? What are the projects that never seem to get off the to-do list for your IT department? What regular maintenance processes are consuming the productive hours of your staff that should be spent on areas of their expertise?

IndiGlobal is ready to join your team and open up new freedom for your projects to advance and your employees to focus.

"The best companies outsource to win, not to shrink. They outsource to innovate faster."

-Thomas Friedman


Example solutions we are offering

A business process consultancy came to us needing customer survey tele-interviews transcribed, categorized, tagged, and logged.

We are expanding the service offerings and enabling the focus on customer relationships for "one-man show" digital marketing start-ups by delivering on everything from design to code for their projects.

A 20 year old small business is taking its unique internal database to market as a full-service cloud-based web application and needs development on a budget.Get Started

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