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pic09Technology creates new ways for your company to connect with both new and existing customers opening opportunities for you to grow your business. IndiGlobal partners with you to ensure that you have the tools you need to attract positive attention through a variety of media. With our strategic focus on startups and growing businesses, we can help you develop and execute a digital marketing strategy designed to engage your intended customer audience when they are looking to purchase. We can create a complete online presence for your organization and provide you with the resources you need to keep your content current. Your online presence communicates volumes to your potential customers about who you are and what you offer, so make sure you are leaving a compelling impression in the minds of your customers.Get Started

"Marketing is not an emergency. It’s a planned, thoughtful exercise that started a long time ago and doesn’t end until you’re done."

- Seth Godin


We offer a variety of services including

Website Development

If you are like most growing companies, your website is the first place your customers will go to find out nformation about your business. Let your website make a strong first impression. IndiGlobal can create the right website tailored to fit your needs and budget and ensure that it is kept up to date and relevant with the content and style you need to keep your customers engaged.

Marketing & Branding Consulting

If you are going to compete in the marketplace, your company must stand out from the competition. Our branding and marketing team can work with you with a plan and the tools to communicate a compelling message to the right.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where many of your customers spend their free time, so make sure your company is part of their social media experience. We offer a variety of tailored solutions and strategies to help your company have a voice in the social media space.

Sales & Marketing Audits

Perhaps you are asking questions like "How effective is my marketing plan?" or "How strong is my brand performing in the market?" IndiGlobal can help you to analyze where you are and provide tangible action points and strategies to help you get to where you need to be.

Digital Marketing

Take advantage of opportunities to bring your message to customers at the time when they are most likely to purchase by creating and implementing a digital marketing plan for your company. IndiGlobal provides the tools you need to ensure that your company's message is presented in a compelling and timely fashion. Rather than wait around for people to find you, let us help you get your message to your customers utilizing digital media.

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