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pic08You have ideas for a new company, a unique product, a different service. You want to Go Global with your business. The great news is that in today’s economy, there is room for you and your ideas to succeed! We are on a relentless mission to help startups and small businesses survive and thrive in a volatile market. We can work with your ideas and help you to create an actionable plan for your business, and we can walk with you through the critical milestones along the way because the path to success is littered with challenges and obstacles. We specialize in the following business consulting solutions for small and medium sized companies:

Business Startup

We offer solutions to help you take your new business concept and put the pieces in place to help you put together a bankable and actionable business plan. We will walk you through step-by-step through the process so that you can ensure you have the people and financial resources required to launch your new company with confidence.

Marketing & Branding

If you are going to compete in the marketplace, your company must stand out from the competition. Our branding and marketing team can work with you with a plan and the tools to communicate a compelling message to the right people. Communicating effectively to your target customers is the key to increasing your revenue and profit margins. Whether you need help with a new look, a marketing campaign, or the launch of a new brand, we partner with you to help you grow your business.

International Business Engagement

Whether it is engaging new customers or expanding your supply chain, IndiGlobal is there to help you succeed with excellence. We can help your company plan strategically for taking your product or service to the global marketplace. Our Asia team located in the capital of India is ready to help you branch out to the growing Asian market. You can navigate the challenging waters of global business, and we can help reduce risk, create infrastructure, and launch your operations with confidence.

India Representation and Exploration

For businesses looking to have a presence in India and for those exploring the opportunities, IndiGlobal is positioned to service those needs. We offer “presence services” such as private label voice mailbox forwarding, representation at trade shows, organizing and staffing promotional events, and overseeing dedicated or shared direct sales staff. For the business exploring the possibility of work in India, we are equipped to organize industry-specific tour plans along with meeting arrangements and facilities, lodging, and travel arrangements.

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