IndiGlobal’s four core distinctives drive our success in changing the way SMEs engage in the global marketplace.

  • Our focus on startups and growing businesses
  • Our leadership vision
  • Our globalized business model
  • Our strategic presence in India

Our Focus

There is great untapped potential for smaller businesses in the global marketplace. And one of IndiGlobal’s key values is serving startups and growing businesses by offering the kind of global consulting resources that have previously been available only to large corporations.

By focusing on growing businesses and startups, we are able to be highly collaborative in our approach. Our team will personally engage with you to identify where a connection to the global marketplace can add value to your business endeavors. IndiGlobal is itself a small business, so we know the cares and concerns such enterprises face, and we are equipped and eager to serve our clients by maximizing the potential of being a lean and nimble growing business.

Our Focus

Our Globalized Business Model

Global business 1.0 is consulting firms in the US outsourcing to India. We are paving the way with a 2.0 model that serves a predominantly US-based clientele while being unashamedly HQ’d in India offering combined consulting and technology services from a global team. This model greatly reduces costs by maintaining minimal overhead in the US and greatly increases productivity and clear communication by having staff from US, India, and other nationalities all working together in the same space. Additionally, this model serves to establish a platform from which we are poised to service business needs throughout Asia and the Middle East. Read more about our consulting services here…

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Our Leadership Vision

IndiGlobal’s team is guided by two leaders with a track record of successfully launching startups and providing training and strategic advice to businesses of all sizes. Together they have traveled to over 50 nations, but have specifically chosen India to launch this business because of its strategic role in the new world economy. More importantly, the driving value which guides those leaders is a conviction to make the world a better place through business.

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Our Strategic Presence in India

Today’s global economy presents startups and growing businesses with opportunities for scalable success unlike any previous generation. Starting a business, growing a brand, and competing in the global marketplace are all possible for any company great or small.

Furthermore, large corporations are not finding the success their apparent resources should be affording them. Enormous multinational conglomerates are not capturing the imagination of the new economy and are leaving plenty of room for competition.

With extended experience in India, and a staff presence on-the-ground, IndiGlobal is able to help its clients play to win in the emerging market of India. Whether it is establishing a presence for your product or brand, or leveraging the workforce at compelling prices for skilled technology work, India has something to offer your growing businesses whenever you are ready to use your startup spirit to go global.

By crafting actionable and flexible plans for companies seeking to engage in India and beyond, IndiGlobal removes the mystery surrounding international business.

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