We exist to be the kind of company where employees love to work, that companies want to do business with, and which makes a difference in our community.

IndiGlobal is committed to maintaining a growing and healthy financial bottomline while at the same time doing our part to ensure that we are making a positive impact in the following ways:

  • Paying equitable and fair wages to our employees.
  • Conducting our business with high ethical standards.
  • Being good stewards of our resources and mindful of our environmental impact.
  • Volunteering our services on a regular basis to NGOs and Non-Profits who are making a difference among the marginalized in our community.

This philosophy of business affects the way we interact with our clients, our employees, and our community. It is this philosophy which, in effect, creates more than one bottomline for our organization. We know our philosophy is not unique, and we believe that like-minded companies will enjoy doing business with us because we share common ideals.

Our Staff

  • Scott Zeller

    Scott Zeller

    Mr Zeller is a founding partner and director of IndiGlobal. He resides in the Delhi/NCR region of India and is a proud husband and father of two.

    Through his role as Sr. Business Outsourcing Manager at Venture International Enterprises, Inc. Mr Zeller spearheaded the initial outside investment into IndiGlobal’s launch and became part of the founding team. He is enthusiastic about seeing IndiGlobal open new categories of opportunity for small-mid size businesses in the US and India.

    Mr Zeller brings experience in the HR/payroll, travel, information technology, software development and hospitality industries to IndiGlobal’s bank of knowledge.

    Mr Zeller has previously worked extensively in non-profit sectors both in volunteer and consulting capacities in Asia, Africa, and the US. He has a keen interest in the intersection of the marketplace and community development – exploring ways social impact consciousness can make a difference in lives as well as the bottomline.

  • Jon Freeman

    Jon Freeman

    Jon Freeman is an entrepreneur, international business consultant, and interculturalist who helps organizations capitalize on opportunities in the global marketplace. Having been on the launch team of four business ventures and one non-profit, Jon has a passion to see SMEs compete and thrive.

    Jon is a founding partner and director of IndiGlobal. Jon currently lives in the Delhi/NCR region of India and is using his firsthand knowledge of emerging markets to help organizations from both Eastern and Western perspectives cultivate strategies for effective international engagement. Jon has a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.B.A. in Marketing, and a Post Graduate Degree in Brand Management and Marketing Communication.

    Jon is a husband and father of 4 from Atlanta, GA who enjoys travel, spending time with his family, and playing fantasy (American) football and Settlers of Catan. Jon and his family are committed to having a positive impact in the community and are highly involved volunteers in NGOs and their local church in Delhi.

    Vision, Mission & Values


    Our Vision is To Be the Most Trusted Consulting and Resourcing Company in the World for Startups and Growing Businesses


    Our Mission is To Serve Startups and Growing Businesses by Connecting them to the Ideas, Customers, and Resources they Need in order to Succeed in the Global Marketplace.


    IndiGlobal is guided by the following values

    • Value Creation – We are committed to creating value to all of our primary stakeholders: clients, employees, and partner organizations.
    • Client Centricity – We approach every decision from the perspective of how our decision will ultimately affect our clients. Customer delight is crucial for the accomplishment of our mission and vision.
    • Leadership Development – Our most valuable asset as an organization is our employees. Therefore, we are proactive about leadership development at all levels of our organization. Those who can develop the potential in people will always have a place at IndiGlobal.
    • Personal & Corporate Integrity – In order to gain and sustain the trust of our stakeholders, integrity as exemplified by honesty, dependability, and follow-through on commitments is foundational.
    • Culture of Innovation – We recognize that ingenuity, creativity, and innovation are stifled in a heavily risk-averse or tradition oriented culture. As innovation is such an important aspect of 21st century global business services, IndiGlobal seeks to create the kind of culture which rewards innovation and is not afraid to experiment with new ideas, processes, or techniques if they have the potential to help us accomplish our mission and vision.
    • Synergistic Teamwork – We understand that each person brings certain strengths and weaknesses to the organization, and we do our best to challenge each of our employees to utilize their strengths as part of a healthy team in order to allow each of us to complement each other.

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